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Entrepreneurs are amazing -- plain and simple.

With a relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement that drives progress across industries, entrepreneurs create new opportunities and solutions to problems we didn't even know we had.

Our mission at Mitchell Marketing?

To empower you.

To lighten your load.

And to share the journey with you.


Let's redefine entrepreneurship together, transforming stress into strides.

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Ok...but why us?

What our Clients are Saying

  • "Prompt, courteous, & thorough! Excellent experience!"

  • "Her work is meticulous and thorough. Great communication -- always sending updates. I see us working together a lot!"

  • "She creates an atmosphere of radiant unity and productivity. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Abigail and Mitchell Marketing."

  • "Wow wow wow! Abigail did an AMAZING job!!! I am super impressed. Seriously GREAT job!"

  • "Abigail is a blessing to every one of her clients. She exceeds what is expected and has unsurpassed creativity."

  • "We really enjoyed working with Abigail - we absolutely love our website! Great communication and execution on all our ideas - we definitely recommend!"

  • "Abigail displayed both patience and empathy. She also displayed technical competence, sound judgment, and analytical prowess. Her work embodied the highest quality."

  • "I appreciate her 'above and beyond' customer service!"

  • "Podcast editing is definitely a strength of hers."

  • "Abigail and I are going to be doing a lot more work together! She’s been the ONE AND ONLY who’s done their job – I’m ready to discuss working with her again for next year’s event."

  • "She has a peaceful soul, she is respectful, classy, and just all around an enjoyable person. She has an amazing presence."​

  • "Mitchell Marketing is an incredible resource to have for your business. They are professional, timely, and, above all, respectful! Their range of services is all-inclusive for a business. Whether you are a boutique company or a large super corporation, these guys have you covered! Abigail is honest and listens to your needs while interjecting her experience and expertise! You cannot go wrong by hiring her and her company for your professional services."

  • "Michell Marketing has been everything for us!!! From logos to merch ideas, they have been right there helping my brand become one of the best out there. Thankful for the partnership!!!"

  • "Abigail was prompt with responses and designs. It is evident that she is passionate about her work and strives to do the best for her clients. She is patient and kind with her replies and communicates in an understanding way. 
    Prompt, courteous, and thorough!"

  • "My overall experience with Mitchell Marketing was really positive and I truly appreciate Abigail's ability to hear what the client is saying and provide a result and then be able to pivot when the client changes their mind- it's a strength to be able to remain patient and positive even when things continue to change. 

Who We've Had the Pleasure of Working With